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One of Jimmy Summer's Muroc timing tags from 1938. Running a stock V-8, he achieved a speed of 94.73 MPH at the May 15, 1938, Muroc Roadster Races. Photo from The Jimmy Summers Photo Collection.

Organized in Los Angeles in 1937, the S.C.T.A was the first organization of its kind in the United States to be devoted entirely to producing straightaway racing against time. Art Tilton was the first secretary for the SCTA.[1]

For the 1947 season, the S.C.T.A. ran under a new system of Competition Classes. American Production Automotive Engines were still required as a basis for the engine construction, but the competition was divided into two body types with four class in each. The cars were classified either as Roadsters or Streamliners, and the classes were then divided according to total Engine Cubic Inch Displacement. "Class A" was for cars with 0 - 150 cubic inches engine displacement, "Class B" for cars with 150 - 250 cubic inches, "Class C" for cars with 250 to 350 cubic inches and "Class D" was for cars with 350 and over cubic inch engines. To establish new records in each of the eight classes, the two high point cars in each class were allowed to make two-way record runs after the third runs were finished. The final record in each class was accepted as official. When the first time trials with the new classes were held at El Mirage May 25, 1947, Randy Shinn had the previous top record for the old roadster class with a record of 128.66 MPH, set in 1946. Karl Orr had the Modified record with 133.03 MPH, set in 1942. Bob Rufi had the Streamliner record with 140.00 MPH, set in 1940, and Tony Capanna had the Unlimited record with 138.24 MPH set in 1946.[2]

For 1949, rods based on Model T's were redesignated as Lakesters by the SCTA, not roadsters, because they were considered smaller and more aerodynamic by the owners of bigger and bulkier model A's and '32s.[3]

Akton Miller acted as President of the organization for the 1950 season.[4]

The 1951 SCTA season was opened at El Mirage in May. This was the first year that SCTA allowed coupes to compete at their speed trials.[5] Bill Burke was President of the organization for the 1951 season.[4]

SCTA is an all volunteer organization whose mission is to provide Land Speed Racing (LSR) events in Southern California at El Mirage Dry Lake and at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. Usually six events are scheduled each year at El Mirage Dry Lake spanning the period of May to November and there are two SCTA-BNI-sanctioned events on the Bonneville Salt Flats: Speed Week (August) and World Finals (October.) All events are subject to cancellation due to weather. Muroc Dry Lake (also known as Rodgers Dry Lake) is located within the boundaries of Edwards Air Force Base. It was a part of the LSR venues until heightened security restrictions following the 9/11 terrorist incident made it unavailable to civilians which ended a long string of meets at that location.

S.C.T.A. Season Champions

1938 - Ernie McAfee - SCTA Road Runners
1939 - George Harvey - SCTA Road Runners
1940 - Bob Rufi - Albata
1941 - Vic Edelbrock - SCTA Road Runners
1942 - Karl Orr - Albata
1946 - Randy Shinn - SCTA Road Runners

Sportmanship Award 1946 - Tony Capanna - Albata

SCTA Officers and Officials For 1947

President: Akton Miller of Whittier.
Vice President: Chuck Spurgin of Malibu.
Treasurer: Mel Leighton of Los Angeles.
Secretary: Wally Parks of Downey.
Official Timer: J. O. Crocker of San Diego.
Assistants: Tommy Silvernail and B. WIllis of San Diego.
Starter: Eber Bailey.
Recorder: Jim Lindsley of Los Angeles.
Steward: Chas. Jackson of Glendale.

Patrol Supervisors:
Starting Line: Tiny Tyler of San Diego.
Finish Line: Vern Houle of South Gate.

Mobile Patrol: Chas. Dimmitt of Los Angeles.

Technical Committee:
Chuck Spurgin of Malibu.
Dick Caddy of Los Angeles.
Chauncey Crist of Garden Grove.
Bill Farren of Pasadena.
Wesley Myers of San Diego.

Contest Board:
Chairman: Chuck Potvin of Anaheim.
Blackie Gold of Pasadena.
Don Blair of Los Angeles.
Bob Foster of La Mesa.
Gus Davis of San Bernardino.
Lee Blaisdell of El Segundo.
Burleigh Dolph of Culver City.
Alternate: Phil Remington of Santa Monica.

Hospital Board:
Mel Leighton of Los Angeles.
Julian Doty of Hollywood.
Bob Dunlap of Glendale.
Bruce Blair of Los Angeles.
Ivan Vipond of Redlands.
Ted Cannon of North Hollywood.
Chuck McMahon of Quarry Hill.

SCTA Time Trials of 1947

El Mirage May 25, 1947

SCTA Time Trials of 1949

El Mirage May 7-8, 1949


SCTA web site




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