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Introduction To The Kustomrama Lynwood Division
Kustomrama is made by two brothers Sondre and Olav of Norway. Now finally, Olav is old enough to go to college. Therefore, he was smart enough to pick a college in South California. His babysitter is Brad Masterson of Masterson Kustoms, and he lives and works at the shop. If you h have a story to tell, or photos to show, please stop by Masterson's shop at the old Barris Kustoms premises at 11054 Atlantic Ave, Lynwood.


Old Daily Driver Got Stolen.. But, I got a new one!
Olav just got himself an old truck, built by Dick Richardson and Barris Kustoms for George Contaoi of San Bernardino, California.
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The Re-Opening of the shop, and the 56th Annual Masterson Fireparty
This Saturday was a night I never will forget. We hosted the Grand Re-Opening of the shop, and the Annual Fireparty to remember the fire that caught the Barris Shop on December 7th, 1957. Bill Hines, George Barris and Jack Stewart made a special guest appearance, and it was really special to see them wonder around in the shop. Those people are artists, they created timeless art, in form of cars. It's something with it that's so unique..
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George Barris' 88th Birthday Party!
Legendary George Barris celebrated his 88th birthday at the Hollywood North shop on sunday. Luckily, half of the Kustomrama crew was there to wish him a happy birthday!
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The Kansas Trip Part II
The sequence to part one of the Kansas trip is done! America is really a beauty to travel across in, with beautiful nature, old cars and nice weather! Hopefully, Olav can attend the KKOA Leadsled Spectacular next year as well!
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Rumble By The River
Last weekend, Olav and Alex Barrios went out to visit the Taildraggers' car show, Rumble By The River. The show was a great car show, with high quality cars. It was located at the Aztec Casino in Laughlin, Arizona. The duo took the 51' wagon, and it became an unforgettable trip, and they even brought home a hitchhiker!
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The Kansas Trip Part I
There's one special event in my stay over here I've not written about yet. Our unforgettable trip Kross Kountry in July! Setting off with Partyswede Dr. Dre, two Japanese dudes refereed to as Canonball and John Wayne, famous skater Riky Barnes, Sonja and Brad. We left with three pre-1960 cars, traveling a total distance of 4000 miles heading for the KKOA in Kansas! It became my best trip ever! Be prepared, you'll soon see why!
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The New Daily Beater!
Good things has been going on, and Olav finally got himself a daily driver. While working in Lynwood, living in Newport Beach, and going to school in Norwalk, you'll have to do a lot of driving. So having a car was almost a necessarily thing to have. Be sure to check out what car he bought!
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Remodeling The Shop!
This past week, the crew at Masterson Kustoms have been busy working with the shop's interior. It's turning into a real genuine 1940s shop, with old inventory and equipment! They attended the auction after Dean Jeffries, helped Bill Hines, visited the old Ayala Custom Shop, and Barris Kustoms.
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Rock Around The Clock!
Olav and Brad decided on friday to turn the work schedule upside down. The awful heat wave that has struck LA makes the cold blooded norwegian Olav completely melt. The duo slept during the day, hanging out by a kool pool, and went working at night instead! When saturday came, they'd prepared a BBQ, and headed to Viva Mexico to listen to the Richmond Sluts!
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Learning New Old Tricks!
Don't you just love a tastefully restyled custom car? I do to, and always have done as long as I can remember. However, when I was a kid in elementary school, I really didn't think about how the cars were built. MIG, TIG, Gas, lead, bondo etc were all familiar names to me, but I did not realize what they used in the 1940's and 1950's until I became a teenager. Writing for my older brother Sondre Kvipt on Kustomrama all these years, and being taught building cars by my oldest brother Kjetil Kvipt has really mind-fucked me to pay a lot of attention to the details. Even the way they get built! I enjoy the old way of doing customizing and bodywork, and I will continue doing it in the future!
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The New Masterson Kustoms Lynwood East Shop, designed by Kustomrama!
Lynwood has been changed a lot since the 1950s. It is not longer what it used to be, but Kustomrama and Masterson Kustoms goal is to turn this neighborhood back to its former glory! The shop is experiencing a major transformation these days!
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The Kustomrama Lynwood Division - The Tale About Jim Kierstead
Jim Kierstead had a 1939 Mercury restyled by Barris Kustoms in the mid 1940s. Jim was related to Olav, so Olav will clone Jim's car as a tribute to Jim.
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First Day At College
I just began attending an American College in Cerritos, CA. My main study would be Automotive, however, as a international student, I was forced to attend other courses. But, driving a T-Bucket to school changes everything!

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Arbeit Macht Frei
Olav's first real work week at Masterson Kustoms is over. Be sure to check out the post to see how a regular work week along with Brad Masterson is like.
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I Still Miss Someone
8 years has passed by since Are Kvipt, the third Kvipt brother passed away. His birthday was on August 8th, and he would have been 25 years if he still was alive.
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Kustomrama Lynwood Division - Established
Olav Kvipt of Kustomrama has settled down in the old Barris Shop, with Masterson Kustoms, at Atlantic Ave. in Lynwood. The historic building is now home of the Kustomrama Lynwood Division, so if you have stories and pictures to share, please stop by. Be sure to follow Olav's blog as well, to stay updated about his journey and adventures in California.

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