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An early custom job photographed at Southern Speedway in 1938. Based on a Ford Model A roadster, Modifications include fenderskirts on all four corners, removed running boards, sunken and molded in headlights, a custom nose, ripple bumpers and a chopped, split windshield. The door reads "Ran's Auto Works." Who can tell us more about this custom or Ran's Auto Works? Photo by Aldo Chiappero, courtesy of Found Film Society.
Greger Strøm Special No. 2 of Trondheim, Norway. Greger's second Nordic Special Racer was built in 1938, while Greger was working at Gaden & Larsen in Trondheim. He raced it once at Leangbanen in 1938. The race at Leangen started good for Greger, but with around 100 metres left to the finish line, the throttle linkage broke, and he lost the race. It was a frustrating situation for Greger who was in it for the win. As with his first car, the Greger Strøm Special No. 2 was also parted after the race. The engine was sold, but Greger never got his money. Borrowed parts were returned, and the rest of the car was left rotting away. Nobody knows what became of the remaining parts of this race car.
The Don Morris Special of Racine, Wisconsin. Built over a two year period, the build was completed in 1938.

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Edelbrock was founded in 1938.

George Barris was 13 years old at the time, and he and his brother Sam Barris got their first car in 1938. The car was a 1925 Buick that they got as a present from their mother.

Dry Lakes Racing

In 1938, SCTA Road Runners member Ernie McAfee became the first ever S.C.T.A. Season Champion.[1]

Cars Built or Restyled in 1938

George Barris and Sam Barris' 1925 Buick
Robert Stack's 1931 Ford Model A Roadster
The Don Morris Special
Greger Strøm Special No. 2

Speed Shops Established in 1938

F.E. Zimmer Co.


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