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Hasse Broberg and Kjelle Gustad's 1938 Chevrolet Convertible of Huddinge in Stockholm, Sweden as it appeared in the early 1960s. Bo Sandberg and his fiance Morris gave the car a flame paint job in 1962.
Hasse Broberg's Modified. The build was started by Pelle Karlson, but Hasse, a member of the Sill Drivers, bought it and completed it in 1964.
Hans Broberg and Kjelle Gustad's 1957 DeSoto of Enskedefältet in Stockholm, Sweden was built in the early 1960s. Hans and Kjelle belonged to a little club called Sill Drivers, and they were often called "Sillarna". This photo shows the car as it appeared in 1964.

Hans "Hasse" Broberg of Enskedefältet in Stockholm, Sweden. Born in 1941, Hasse and his buddy Kjell "Kjelle" Gustad began building hot rods and custom cars in 1961. Hasse and Kjelle belonged to the second generation of Swedish hot rodders, who learned about the style from American magazines such as Hot Rod Magazine and Rod & Custom. The new Swedish hot rod and custom scene was born in Stockholm, and Southern Stockholm guys such as Bosse "Gamen" Sandberg, Sven Sandberg, Bengt Wennergren, Hasse and Kjelle were prominent guys in the scene. In 2015 Hasse told Kustomrama that he and Kjelle used to hang around the older guys that were into hot rods, such as Lennart Djurberg, and that's how they got started; "Me and Kjelle's first car was a 1937 Ford tudor that we cut the roof off, as we wanted a convertible. The year was 1961, and we only drove it a little before we sold it. After the Ford, we came across a 1938 Chevrolet convertible in 1962. We installed an Oldsmobile V-8 engine in the Chevrolet."

Hasse had a club called Sill Drivers together with his friend Kjelle Gustad. The club was made just for fun, and the boys were often called "Sillarna".

Hans Broberg's Cars

Hans Broberg's Modified
Hans Broberg's 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe
Hans Broberg's 1932 Ford Roadster
Hans Broberg and Kjelle Gustad's 1938 Chevrolet Convertible
Hans Broberg and Kjelle Gustad's 1957 DeSoto

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