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A photo of Sal and Paul "Woody" Wood in front of Woody’s 1953 Ford. “Back in the day, Woody had no garage and often worked on the car in the street. This was shot on 116th Street, just north of Liberty Avenue, in Richmond Hill, around 1961,Ken Bausert told Sondre Kvipt of Kustomrama. Photo from The Ken Bausert Collection.
John Consiglio in a 1934 Ford coupe project. The work was started by one of the guys at the 116th Street garages. He was in the process of chopping the top, but the car was just a body shell and needed a ton of work, so the fellow decided to get rid of it. He was going to tow it to a junkyard when Sal, John and Ken Bausert chipped in $5 apiece and bought the thing for $15. "After that, we didn't know where we were going to store it and what we were going to do with it so, in a week or so, we wound up towing it to the junkyard." Ken believes this photo was taken in the autumn of 1961. Photo from The Ken Bausert Photo Collection.
Sal Consiglio's 1955 Ford. The '55 Ford was John's, Sal’s brother’s, car, but he gave it to Sal when he bought a new Chevy 409. Restyled around 1962, the build was sold before it was completed.
A photo of Sal next to his 1955 Ford in 1963. The photo was taken outside his house on 125th Street. Photo from The Ken Bausert Photo Collection.

Sal Consiglio of New York City, New York. Sal grew up in the Richmond Hill neighborhood in Queens, living on the north side of the Long Island railroad tracks, on 125th Street between 87th and 89th Avenues. Sal was a member of the 1320 Crusaders car club.[1]

Sal Consiglio's Cars

Sal Consiglio's 1955 Ford

Cars Painted by Sal Consiglio

Ken Bausert's 1950 Mercury Convertible


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