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Paul Wood's 1941 Chevrolet Coupe. This was Woody's first car, which he mildly customized with a partial dechroming, adding fender skirts and a two-tone black and red paint job. The engine was a modified 6-cylinder. Photo from The Ken Bausert Photo Collection.
Paul Wood's 1949 Mercury Coupe. Restyled around 1958, Woody’s Merc was built in the street in, in front of his girlfriend's house. Woody had acetylene and oxygen tanks in the trunk of the car that he would roll out whenever he was working on the car.
A photo of Woody and Sal Consiglio in front of Woody’s 1953 Ford. “Back in the day, Woody had no garage and often worked on the car in the street. This was shot on 116th Street, just north of Liberty Avenue, in Richmond Hill, around 1961,Ken Bausert told Sondre Kvipt of Kustomrama. Photo courtesy of Ken Bausert.
An in-progress photo of Phil Turano's 1954 Mercury Convertible taken after Woody had grafted Packard taillights onto the quarter panels on the car. The photo was taken in front of Ken Bausert's parents house in Richmond Hill around 1961 or 1962. Photo from The Ken Bausert Photo Collection.
An in-progress, later incarnation of Woody’s 1953 Ford featuring scooped and canted quad headlights, a new grille cavity, and a pancaked hood. Taken in 1962, this version did also run a 1955 Buick engine. Photo from The Ken Bausert Collection.
Sal Consiglio's 1955 Ford of New York City, New York. Sal lived in the Richmond Hill neighborhood. He was a member of the 1320 Crusaders car club, and his Ford was restyled in 1962. Woody did the welding and fabrication on the car before Sal finished it off. The build was sold before it was completed. Photo from The Ken Bausert Photo Collection.
A rear end shot of Sal Consiglio's 1955 Ford taken in 1962. The rolled pan and license plate treatment were all Woody's welding and fabrication. Other modifications include a shaved deck lid and 1955 - 1956 Mercury station wagon taillights with custom lenses. Photo from The Ken Bausert Photo Collection.

Paul "Woody" Wood of Richmond Hill, New York.

Paul Wood's Cars

Paul Wood's 1941 Chevrolet Coupe
Paul Wood's 1949 Mercury Coupe
Paul Wood's 1953 Ford Convertible

Cars Restyled by Paul Wood

Ken Bausert's 1950 Mercury Convertible
Phil Turano's 1954 Mercury Convertible
Sal Consiglio's 1955 Ford

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