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A photo of Frank with his 1936 Ford as it appeared in 1946.
In 1948 Frank rolled the 1936 Ford over. It was totaled, so he built it up as "the Joker Car" in 1949.
Frank De Rosa's 1951 Ford convertible of Pittsburg, California. Frank's Ford was restyled in the early 1950s.
Charles and Gene Riley's Ford was painted by Frank. Photo by Frank De Rosa, courtesy of Technical Low Rider.
Mr. Rodrigues' 1950 Ford was restyled by Frank in the 1950s.
Frank De Rosa's 1951 Mercury. The build was started in 1978, and it was Frank's first custom in 25 years.
Frank De Rosa's 1966 Buick Riviera. Built in 1983 the car is also known as "The Golden Piranha."

Frank De Rosa of Pittsburg, California is a legendary Northern California customizer.

Frank was born in 1929. As a kid he used to build model car kits and modify things like his 2x4 plank skateboard.[1] He started customizing cars in 1943, while working for Bob Dughi at a local body shop.[2] He then joined the Navy, where he learned welding and fabrication.[1]

In 1949 he opened up his own shop De Rosa Custom Body and Fender. At the time he was restyling a 1936 Ford that he had totaled. The car, known as the Joker Car, was 49 inches high, and it consisted of Lincoln, Kaiser, Chevrolet and Ford parts. Once completed, the car was outlawed from the street for being too low.[2]

By the mid 1950s Frank started slowing down, and he began doing regular body work and paint. In 1978, after attending the Oakland Roadster Show with his son, Frank decided to build another custom. His first in 25 years. In 1982 Frank was quoted in Technical Low Rider Vol 1 No 1 1982 saying "Cars have always been a part of me and lowriding is the only way to go. We were lowriding back in 1945."[2]

Frank De Rosa's Cars

Frank De Rosa's 1936 Ford - The Joker Car
Frank De Rosa's 1947 Cadillac Sedanette
Frank De Rosa's 1951 Ford Convertible
Frank De Rosa's 1951 Mercury
Frank De Rosa's 1960 Cadillac - Shark
Frank De Rosa's 1966 Buick Riviera - The Golden Piranha

Cars Restyled by Frank De Rosa

Mr. Rodrigues' 1950 Ford


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