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Ron Clark and Bob Kaiser of working on Tony Volpe's 1951 Ford. Ron is working on the door, while Bob is welding the trunk
Larry Ernst's 1952 Ford Convertible of Toledo, Ohio. Restyled by Clarkaiser Custom Shop, the first version of the car, named "Pharaoh's Pacer", was completed in 1955. Larry was a Roman Catholic priest who later became a monsignor. Owning a radical and famous custom car put him at some odds with senior members of the church, so he showed the car under the fake name Grant Macklin.
Bob Palmer's 1955 Ford Thunderbird, The Golden Bird, was restyled by Clarkaiser in 1955.
Bobby Darrin's Dream Car was a total ground up custom car by Ron and Bob for Andy DiDia.

The Clarkaiser Custom Shop consisted of two legendary postwar customizers named Ron Clark and Bob Kaiser. Clarkaiser Custom Shop was located in Detroit, Michigan.

Custom Cars by Clarkaiser Custom Shop

Chuck Ninowski's 1948 Mercury Coupe
Les and Adle Volpe's 1948 Mercury
Alan Reason's 1950 Ford - Utopia
John Cassaubon's 1950 Ford Club Coupe
Tony Volpe's 1951 Ford Convertible
Larry Ernst's 1952 Ford Convertible - Pharaoh's Pacer
Stan Lendzon's 1952 Buick
Frank and Charles Gilardone's 1953 Ford
Bob Palmer's 1955 Ford Thunderbird - The Golden Bird
Bobby Darrin's Dream Car

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