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Mom's Dream Car! In the official program for the 1955 Motorama, Sam Barris' 1952 Ford convertible was listed as "Mom's Dream Car." It featured a full padded safety interior, 5 impact safety belts, a baby bottle warmer on the dash, and a diaper bag dispenser behind the front seat. Developed in 1975, this photo shows Sam's wife with the car in front of the Pan Pacific Auditorium. 15 years old David Target took the photo during his first trip to California. The Von Dutch painted Barris Kustoms' 1949 Ford Woody Wagon parts hauler can also be spotted in the photo. Photo by David Target, courtesy of Brad Masterson.
Ted Leventhal's 1950 Chevrolet Convertible at the 1955 Motorama. Ted's Chevrolet was restyled by Emory Robinson's Custom Shop in 1955. Painted in a green iridescent lacquer by Mel Pinoli's Body and Paint Shop, Ted's Chevrolet is known as the first car ever to receive a Candy paint job.

The 6th annual Motorama, now advertised as the International Motor Revue, was held October 14-23 at the Pan Pacific Auditorium in Los Angeles, California.[1]

Cars Attending:
John Neves' 1925 Chevrolet
Bert Leithold 1929 Ford Model A Roadster
George Sein's 1932 Ford 5 WIndow Coupe - The Flamer
C. H. Celebrado's 1941 Buick Custom Roadster
Frank Monteleon's 1941 Ford
Ken Caputi's Ford
Bob Dofflow's 1949 Ford
Ted Leventhal's 1950 Chevrolet Convertible
Robbie Martinez' 1950 Oldsmobile 98
George Growland's 1951 Ford Crestline
Dave Burgarin's 1951 Mercury
Sam Barris' 1952 Ford
Harry Karl's 1953 Cadillac Le Mans
Sanchez, Cagle, Le Mmon's 1953 Studebaker
Tod Clare's 1954 Austin-Healey
Harrison's 1954 Jaguar
Merlin Windham's 1955 Buick - "Dragon Wagon"
Harry Hoskin's 1955 Chevrolet
The 1955 Chrysler Flight Sweep I
The 1955 Chrysler Flight Sweep II
Don Coulter's 1955 Oldsmobile
Tom Beatty's Lakester
The Jado Special The Bangert Special

The Robert W. Barry Special

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