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Kustomrama is an encyclopedia dedicated to traditional hot rod and custom cars. Our mission is to keep history alive by protecting, preserving and sharing hot rod and custom car history from all over the world. More info...

Featured Stories

Darrel Panfil's Munster Koach Tribute Car They say TV is bad for you....well, not if your name is Darrel Panfil. As a little kid, Darrel loved the Munsters, and he told his brother that he would build his own Munster Koach Tribute Car one day. Herman Miller's 1955 Oldsmobile - The Candy Lady Herman Miller was a proud member of the Slo Poks of Vancouver, a well-known Washington car club. In the late 1950s Miller's daily driver was a mildly restyled 1955 Oldsmobile Convertible. Ernie Geisler's 1956 Chevrolet - The Black Knight According to the well-known automotive designer and fellow Drivin Deuces member Harry Bradley, Ernie Geisler's Chevrolet was nearly as perfect as any car he had ever seen "with lots of glorious detailing."


01.15.2022 - The Hirohata Merc Sold for $1,950,000 USD On January 15 the Hirohata Mercury crossed the block at the Mecum Kissimmee auction and sold for $1,950,000 USD. The iconic custom was one of the main attractions at the auction. 01.14.2022 - Welcome to the 12th Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza If covid-restrictions allow it, the 12th Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza will be held June 17-19, 2022 at Bruvollen in Blaker, Norway. 01.01.2022 - Welcome to the Second Annual Kustomrama Invitational 2022 is here, and we are excited to announce that we once again will be teaming up with our friends at Gasoline Magazine to give you another KUSTOMRAMA INVITATIONAL and GASOLINE REVIVAL in Grängesberg, Sweden.

Lost and Found

Loooking for Info: Ray Fox's 1927 Ford Model T Roadster Buried in junk and stuff, this 1927 Ford Model T Survivor Roadster was recently discovered in Huntington Beach, California, just a block from the ocean. Lost: Tad Hirai's 1950 Ford - The Del Mar What happened to Tad Hirai's 1950 Ford Custom after Dick Falck sold it in 1959? Found: Lars Erik Ljungkvist's 1932 Ford Roadster After being lost for nearly fifty years, one of Sweden's most famous hot rods has been found in Saginaw, Michigan! Lars Eik "Junken" Ljungkvist began building this 1932 Ford Roadster in his father's garage in Stockholm, Sweden, in the early 1960s.

Photo Archive

The Janne Lepola Collection Janne Lepola had to travel around the world to find out how special the Suomi kustom tradition really is! "On my first trip to Los Angeles I showed pictures of Suomi Kustoms to my new friends and even though they said "nice," I could see from their faces that something was wrong!" The Roger Lick Collection Roger Lick was a well known Des Plaines, Illinois custom car enthusiast. He had some cool customs himself back in the day, and he often brought his camera when he visited friends, shows, or other places that the hot rod and custom car guys hung out. The Cliff Riehl Collection Cliff Riehl was a member of the Road Lords of So. Cal. car club. He joined the club as a teenager in the 1950s, and helped organize the first, and only, Disneyland Car Club Day and Autocade September 5, 1959.


Bob Hirohata's 1951 Mercury After 60 years of ownership, the iconic Hirohata Mercury is now looking for a new caretaker. Restyled by Barris Kustoms in 1952, the car is one of the best-known and most popular custom cars in the world. For Sale: Mike Duarte's 1963 Ford Thunderbird Custom This beautiful ‘63 California Custom T-Bird has had high-quality work performed on the body, paint, and interior. The car has won numerous car shows and has been featured in many magazines. For Sale: Luke Ennion's Little Menace Bubble Top Show Rod built by Luke Ennion of Auckland, New Zealand. The build was started in 2010, and it features a body made from Ford Anglia body parts.

Guides, Reviews & Recommendations

Hot Rod and Custom Christmas Gifts for Dad 2021 After the warm welcome last year, we decided to once again compile a list of gifts we recommend for the man of the house. Mexican Blankets for Hot Rods and Custom Cars A Mexican Serape blanket is an affordable, popular, and good-looking alternative to worn-out interiors in hot rods, customs, gassers, daily drivers, and beaters. Bias Ply vs. Radial Tires - Are radials really RADIOACTIVE? Are radials really RADIOACTIVE? Are you rolling around confused? Check out our latest guide, and you'll hopefully end up with more answers than questions.

Top Lists

Matt Townsend ranks the 3 greatest 1949-51 Mercury customs of all time Matt Townsend runs Townsends Customs & Hot Rods, a custom body shop in Riverside, California that specializes in restoration and customization of classic cars. In November of 2017 Matt had 17 1949 - 1951 Mercury customs under his belt, so we asked him what his All-Time Top 3 1949 - 1951 Mercury Customs are. Kevan Sledge ranks the 3 greatest customs of all time Kevan Sledge is a founding member of the So. Cal Shifters car club. Kevan has had a passion for cars since he was a young kid, and began building hot rods and customs as a hobby in the late 1980s. In 2011 he started up Sledge Customs, turning his hobby into a full time profession. Gene Winfield ranks his top 3 favorite builds Gene Winfield is a legendary customizer, painter and hot rod racer. Born June 16, 1927, Gene has been restyling cars since 1945, and he is one of the best known and most recognized builders in the world. They say choosing your favourite build is like choosing your favourite child! We Gene what his top 3 favourite builds are?

Featured Events

Norwalk Motorcade 1957 The 1957 Norwalk Motorcade was an outdoor car show sponsored by the Norwalk Coachmen Car Club. Because of the connection to the Norwalk club, the show is also known as "The Coachman Show." Disneyland Car Club Day and Autocade The Disneyland Car Club Day and Autocade was a car show held on September 5, 1959, by the Road Lords of So. Cal. car club. It was a spectacular one-day event that took place at Holidayland in Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The show was promoted as an annual show but was only held once. Gold Coast Reliability Run 2019 The Gold Coast Reliability Run is an annual event held in Queensland, Australia. The event is open for pre-1940 hot rods. Traditional style only. Most of the cars are Flathead powered, and it is capped at 30.

Featured Projects

Lawrence Garrison's 1940 Mercury Convertible In 2011 Birger Meland of Lier, Norway bought Lawrence Garrison’s channeled 1940 Mercury from Pat Orosco in California. For a long time, the history of this old custom has been full of holes and rumors. In June Birger told us that he wanted to restore the car back to how it was originally built. We applauded the initiative and agreed to help him research the history of the car. Gil Ayala's 1955 Ford Thunderbird - The Wild Bird Gil Ayala's personal custom, a 1955 Ford Thunderbird, known as the Wild Bird, has been sold to Scandinavia. Gil's Thunderbird is one of the few known surviving Ayala Customs, and it is a great addition to the Scandinavian custom scene. The restoration. We followed the restoration of the car, and it's trip halfway across the world on Kustomrama. The Kustomrama Dream truck The Kustomrama Dream Truck is a tribute to the custom cars of the late 1950s. Being an admirer of Jerry DeVito's wildly restyled 1957 Ford Fairlane, that we all know as the Maze, Sondre Kvipt decided that he wanted to recreate this car as a Ranchero. The build was started in Oslo, Norway in January of 2014, lead by Sondre's brother Olav.

Kustomrama Styling Studio

1950 Ford Custom - Bongo Date 1950 Ford Coupe designed by Howard "The Weird Rembrandt" Gribble. Gribble drew this custom sometime around 1959, as a high school freshman. At the time he was busy restyling his own 1950 Ford, and this design shows what kind of ideas he had planned for the car. Panel Painted 1950 Ford Custom 1950 Ford Coupe designed by Doyle Bidwell. Bidwell drew this custom sometime around 1959, as a high school freshman. At the time he was busy restyling his own 1950 Ford Coupe, and this design shows what kind of ideas he had planned for the car. 1941 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible Custom Janne Kutja has been down in his archive again and found a design he drew back in 2006. This concept is based on a 1941 Lincoln Zephyr convertible. Main modifications include a chopped and leaned back windshield and a padded top.

Recommended Reading

Recommended: The Birth of Hot Rodding 18 years have passed since Kustomrama contributor Robert Genat flabbergasted us with his book The Birth of Hot Rodding. The beautiful photography of Don Cox makes this book a winner. Recommended: Spokane Hot Rodding Spokane, Washington hot rod and custom car history at its best. In a perfect world, there would be a John Gunsaulis and a book like this covering the hot rod and custom car scene in every little small town of America. News: Reflections in a Spinner Hubcap: Authentic Tales of Hot Rods, Custom Cars & Nostalgia From Albert Drake comes a selection of essays that celebrates the people who made hot rodding an American culture. Rediscover the fun of racing, hanging out, flirting, and driving from the voice of someone who experienced the 1950s and has a passion for telling the story of old metal.


Featured Video: Car That Ate My Brain 2: Episode 1 Tweedy Pie History Car That Ate My Brain follows filmmaker, hot rod historian and builder Piero De Luca of Mad Fabricators in his quest to build a replica of the car known as "Tweedy Pie" a 1923 Model T Ford roadster made famous by Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. Revell and Roth turned the car into a famous model kit and influenced many selling over 11 million units to date. Featured Video: Hirohata Merc: Custom Legend "Hirohata Merc: Custom Legend" is a documentary about the legendary Hirohata Merc made by the Historic Vehicle Association. Made in partnership with Hagerty, Petersen Automotive Museum, and The Rodder's Journal, the 33-minute long documentary was released on YouTube in August of 2020. Featured Video: First Hydraulic Car by "First Hydraulic Car" is a mini-documentary by Released on YouTube on September 28, 2010, this video shows Ron Aguirre and Emmanuelle Benoit with the remains of the X-Sonic show car.


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