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A photo of Kevan with his Merc taken in 2015. Photo by Henrik Forss.
Reno Casasola's 1940 Mercury. Known as "The Mexicali Merc," this was the first customer car Kevan began restyling at Sledge Customs, and the 2nd 1939 - 1940 Mercury that he chopped the top on.
Tim Kirkegaard's 1939 Mercury coupe of Denmark was Kevan's second customer car at Sledge Customs. The build made it's first public debut at the 2013 Grand National Roadster Show.
Nathan Jaggard's 1940 Mercury Coupe. The Jaggard Coupe was the third 1939 - 1940 Mercury that Kevan chopped the top on. The build was started in 2013.
Jason Hodge's 1940 Mercury Coupe. The Hodge Merc was the 4th 1939 - 1940 Mercury that Kevan chopped the top on. The build was started in 2013.
Jake Haines' 1940 Mercury Coupe. The top on Jason's Mercury was chopped by Kevan Sledge at Sledge Customs, and it was the 6th 1939 - 1940 Mercury that Kevan chopped the top on.
Paul Fry's 1940 Mercury Coupe. Kevan flew out to Pennsylvania in 2014 to chop the top on Paul's coupe. Paul's Merc was the 8th 1939 - 1940 Mercury custom that Kevan chopped.
Kevan Sledge's 1940 Mercury Coupe. Restyled by Kevan, the build was started in 2002 and completed in 2014. This was the first 1939 - 1940 Mercury that Kevan chopped the top on.
Thomas Pendelton's 1940 Mercury Coupe. Thomas' Merc was the 7th 1939 - 1940 Mercury custom that Kevan chopped the top on. The build was completed in 2017.
Jeff Whiteley’s 1940 Mercury Coupe. Jeff's Mercury was the 9th 1939 - 1940 Mercury custom that Kevan chopped.
Bill Bergen's 1939 Mercury Coupe. Bill's Mercury was the 10th 1939 - 1940 Mercury custom that Kevan chopped. Photo courtesy of Charles LaGreca.
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Sledge Customs is a custom body shop run and operated by Kevan Sledge. Kevan has had a passion for cars since he was a young kid. In the late 1980s he started building hot rods and customs as a hobby before finally building them full time as a profession.[1]

Started in Auburn, California in 2011, Sledge Customs is dedicated to tradition and good design. Kevan wants to build the best possible cars while keeping them completely period-perfect and true to the early custom car style of the 1940s and early 1950s. Their specialty is 1939-1940 Mercury’s, but they also build early Cadillac’s, Fords, Chevys, and whatever else peaks their interest.[1]

Cars Restyled by Sledge Customs

Bill Bergen's 1939 Mercury Coupe
Tim Kirkegaard's 1939 Mercury Coupe
Jake Haines' 1940 Mercury Coupe
Jason Hodge's 1940 Mercury Coupe - The Hodge Merc
Jeff Whiteley’s 1940 Mercury Coupe
Nathan Jaggard's 1940 Mercury Coupe
Paul Fry's 1940 Mercury Coupe
Reno Casasola's 1940 Mercury - The Mexicali Merc
Thomas Pendelton's 1940 Mercury Coupe



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