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Bosse Ericsson's 1932 Ford Roadster. Built in 1959, Bosse's Ford was one of the first hot rods in Sweden to run a Chevrolet V8 engine.
One of Bosse's ice racers. This one featured a mid-mounted Chevrolet V8 that was fed trough dual four-port carburetors. The rear end came from a Renault Floride. Photo courtesy of Wheels Magazine.
A photo of Bosse's custom Crown Victoria pickup taken in the early 1960s. The photo was taken in Åland, during a junkyard trip. A Model T coupe body is loaded up on the bed of the car. In 1986 the Crown Victoria was owned by Christian Forslin in Stockholm. Photo courtesy of Wheels Magazine.
One of Bosse's many Corvette's. Photo courtesy of Wheels Magazine.
A construction photo of a 1934 Ford delivery that Bosse built. Photo courtesy of Wheels Magazine.
In 1986 Wheels Magazine did a story on Bosse titled "Norrtälje-Bosse". Photo courtesy of Wheels Magazine.
Bosse bought and street rodded Peter Billing's 1932 Ford Cabriolet in the late 1990s.

Bosse Ericsson of Norrtälje in Stockholm, Sweden. Bosse is a Swedish hot rod pioneer, and he was known amongst friends as "Norrtälje-Bosse." According to an interview he did with Bengt Mattson, Bosse was introduced to the emerging Swedish hot rod scene trough a warmed over 1932 Ford roadster. "I was already interested in cars, and I was involved with ice-racing at the time, but the Chevrolet powered roadster really made a huge impression on me. I needed one for myself, " he told Bengt. The interview was published in Wheels Magazine Januari 1986, in a story named "Norrtälje Bosse."[1]

Bosse bought his first hot rod, a 1932 Ford roadster in 1959. The roadster was hopped up featuring a Chevrolet smallblock V8, and Bosse became one of the first hot rodders in Sweden to install a Chevrolet engine in a hot rod.[2] After that followed a custom Crown Victoria pick up, a Model T coupe build that he didn't complete, and a couple of 1934 Fords that he also didn't complete. In 1961 he bought his first Chevrolet Corvette, about 15 more Corvette's followed.[1]

Bosse passed away in April of 2020 just finishing his last project, a 1935 Willys hot rod. The Willys was left to his wife Marina Jönslars in Rättvik.

Bosse Eriksson's Cars

Bosse Ericsson's 1932 Ford Roadster
Peter Billing's 1932 Ford Cabriolet
Bosse Ericsson's 1934 Ford Delivery
Bosse Ericsson's 1935 Willys Hot Rod



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