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Hence Forsman's 1956 Cadillac Eldorado of Moliden, Sweden. The body on Hence's in-progress build has been sectioned 2 inches.

The 1956 Cadillac is a beautifull car with a good driving comfort, and great performance.

The changes in 1956 was: New engine, 305 hp V8. instead of the old 250 hp V8 that was used in the 1955 Cadillac. And a brand new Hydra-matic transmission. The parking lights was set into the bumper. Aluminum grille, the grille was available in gold or satin finish. and trim going horizontal over the rear fenders.

Model year production for 1956 was 146,840 units

1956 Cadillac Customs

Hence Forsman's 1956 Cadillac Eldorado
John Potter's 1956 Cadillac
R. M. Weber's 1956 Cadillac

Cars Using 1956 Cadillac Parts

Rear Bumper:
Roy Abendroth's 1955 Buick Century - The BuSonic

Rob Gerring's 1950 Chevrolet
Bob Sanchez' 1954 Mercury

Centre Grille Bar
Jim Logue's 1954 Ford Convertible

George Montgomery's 1934 Ford 3-Window Coupe
Chuck Porter's 1949 Ford
Don Ellis' 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Intake Manifold
Joe Brienza's 1934 Ford Convertible - The Brienza Special

Intake Valves
Joe Brienza's 1934 Ford Convertible - The Brienza Special

Ron Maxwell's 1934 Ford 5-Window Coupe

Rear Fenders
Sal Mammano's 1954 Buick Roadmaster Riviera

Wheel Discs
Butch Johnson's 1954 Mercury Convertible

Convertible Windshield Frame:
Charles Marshall's 1950 Cadillac Roadster

Cars Featuring 1956 Cadillac Colors

Mandan Red
Bruce Olson's 1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe


Standard guide to 1950s american cars by John Gunnell.

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