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The 1938 Phantom Corsair appears in The Young in Heart as the "Flying Wombat" automobile

The young in Heart is a comedy movie directed by Richard Wallace. The movie was made in 1938 and is about the Carletons (Janet Gaynor, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) make a living as card sharps and finding new suckers from whom to mooch off. When their latest scam backfires, they are asked to leave Monte Carlo. At the train station, they meet a kind old woman named Miss Fortune (Minnie Dupree). The elderly lady is very wealthy and very lonely. As a reward for saving her life after the train derails, Miss Fortune invites the Carletons to come live with her. The family hopes that by winning her affection, they can eventually be named sole beneficiaries in her will. But will a change of heart soften their mercenary feelings before that time comes? The 1938 Phantom Corsair is used in the movie, and appears as the "Flying Wombat".

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