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An in-progress Chevrolet business coupe. Dated August 1959, the car has a fashionable forward rake. According to the captions, it was powered by a Cadillac mill. Photo courtesy of Jim Genty - Jamco Parts.
A rear end shot of Leo Gruba's 1949 Ford custom. Photo courtesy of Jim Genty - Jamco Parts.
An unknown, mildly restyled and radically lowered shoebox Ford. Photo courtesy of Jim Genty - Jamco Parts.
A photo of Leo Gruba's 1949 Ford custom. Modifications included scooped headlights, a DeSoto grille, side pipes and dual spots. Jim and Leo were friends and members of the Jolly Rodders of Miles City, one of the earliest clubs in town. Both split off to form the Kingsmen club instead. Photo courtesy of Jim Genty - Jamco Parts.

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Jim Genty of Miles City, Montana was a founding member of the Kingsmen of Miles City car club. In 1966 Jim moved to Culver City, California, where he met and married his wife Mary Ann. While Jim was living in Miles City, Leo Gruba installed a set of inverted Nash uprights in his 1949 Ford. This effectively dropped the car several inches without reducing the suspension's travel. Having a passion for ground scraping cars, Jim continued working to develop suspension components that would serve the same purpose.[1] That eventually became the basis of Jamco Suspension, and in 1985 Jim and his wife, Mary Ann, launched J & M Enterprises Group, home of Jamco Suspension. With this, Jamco could now offer custom suspension for all American-made classics and kustoms. Fast forward to 2016, Jamco Parts with Tony Genty, Jim’s son, at the helm has expanded its product offerings to include a complete line of restoration, aftermarket and performance parts for Ford, GM and Chrysler automobiles built between 1949-1972. New product lines for all classic cars will be added steadily throughout the coming months, including body and sheet metal, exterior chrome and trim, interior trim, lighting and weather stripping, to name a few.[2]

Today, Jamco Parts is a one-stop resource for high-quality restoration and aftermarket products, as well as all the suspension components the company was founded on. Headquartered in Cypress, California with clients around the globe, every product sold through Jamco is tested for unmatched quality, satisfaction and dependability. For more information you can email Jamco at: or call: 1-951-549-1441.[2]


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