Robert Fulton's 1936 Ford

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Bud's custom parked on the street sometime between 1947 and 1949. Photo courtesy of Jill Graham.
A photo of Bud's brother, Herb Graham with the car. Herb bought the car from Bud in 1949. Photo courtesy of Jill Graham.
A photo of Bud with his baby in front of the Ford, taken around 1948-1949. Notice the side curtain. Photo courtesy of Jill Graham.

1936 Ford two-door sedan owned by Robert "Bud" Fulton of Hollywood, California. When Bud owned the car, the top had been cut off, the windshield frame was chopped, and the car had been fit with a padded top, that Bud's granddaughter, Jill Graham, believes was done by Carson Top Shop. The body was shaved for chrome, the running boards were removed, and the rocker panels were extended downwards to hide the frame. Solid hood panels were installed for an even smoother look. In the rear, the taillights were shaved from the fenders, and a single taillight was placed on the welded shut deck lid. A more modern gas filler door was mounted on the left rear fender as well. Old photos shows that the car was dressed up featuring George DuVall Swirl Flipper Hubcaps. Bud owned the car from 1947 to 1949. It was his only custom car, and his granddaughter have no idea where or how he got the car from. She wouldn't be surprised if he had won it in a bet of some sort. In March of 1948, Bud had his first child, and he decided to sell the car not long afterwards. He sold the car to his brother Herb Graham, and it is not known how long Herb owned it.[1]


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