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"Black Wings"
The Pilgrim is Fred's try on a modern designed automobile. It pays homage to the Chevrolet Nomad station wagons, wood paneling and the myth about "the Resacralization of Selja and the Cult of St. Sunniva".
Hot Rod
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The Lager Wagen, a streamlined delivery truck for the old Norwegian beer brand Polar Beer.
The Duke DeLuxe
The Atomicar
The Volt Wagen
Mad Cab
Kustom Paint
A surf inspired pinstriping by Fred.
Shot Down
Beach Blaster
Road Kill
Sandal Rider
The Stratoray 300
The Concepter - The Concepter is part of a serie of artwork made by Fred as a homage to the wild Concept Cars of the 1950s and 1960s
Conceptron 300
Conceptron 400
"Big Block Barbarians"
"Air Ride"
Jet Charge 300
Dragmite - Styled by Mr Stoopid
The Animal - Styled by Mr Stoopid
Mr Motorious
Mr Stoopid Revvenger - A homage to Hot Wheels die cast cars.
The Thunderburst 67 - Another 1:64 scale car
The Sharkster
The Slanterion
The Super Duper
The Trip I
The Trip II
The Trip III
Weirdomatic 500 - Super Stock
Old flyer for "Foghead - Artwork of Yesteryear". Fred was more in to the 1950s art impression back then.
Old flyer for Fred Lammers Artwork

Fred Lammers aka "Fred" or "Phred" is a Norwegian artist and illustrator from Oslo, Norway. Cars, kustoms & art: Fred has been involved with that as long as he can remember. He give his older brother credit for his interest in cars. He taught Fred about the makes and models and so on, but when it came to the tech stuff he was more interested in the design and soon started to draw and design stuff. When it was time for Fred to go to school he kept himself mostly to himself; just drawing and other forms of art. He wasn't very popular so he had all the time in the world to be creative and develop his skills. Fred went to an art school for a year but he didn't learn anything useful, so I guess you can call him self-taught. After a while Fred lost interest in creating auto related stuff and began experimenting with paintings. His new art form didn't last; he was still interested in cars so he continued making drawings and doodles. Fred's dad, who is into photography bought him a computer with graphic development software. At first Fred wasn't interested, but it didn't take long time before he was hooked. He was now at the age when one usually starts looking for a job. After a while he found graphic design to be most interesting. He worked at a couple of print shops and learned about the printing process. Fast forward to more recent times: Fred still keeps mostly to himself; creating works of art as he pleases. He has been through many lifestyles but found the 60s California pop culture most interesting and has become a huge fan of old school surfing as well. Fred has made a few record covers, posters and a huge amount of surf & drag artwork made just for fun.

Contact Fred

Fred is open for commission and custom artwork, contact him at:

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Click here to buy Boss T-Shirts by FRED - Visit Fred's MySpace Page for more artwork


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