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Kenneth Kamp's Otter is a fiberglass bodies two-seater built by Kenneth Kamp of Norwood, Ohio. 9 Otters were built, the first one was completed in 1953.
The first ads for Diablo Speed Shop's fiberglass T-Buckets appeared in Hot Rod Magazine August 1957. The price was $149.50. Photo courtesy of Hot Rod Magazine.
Ed Roth's Outlaw was Ed's first experience with fiberglass. The build was started in 1957, and it made it's debut two years later as the Excaliber at the 1959 Disneyland Car Club Day and Autocade.
Buzz Pitzen's 1923 Ford fiberglass bodied Model T roadster of Redondo Beach, California. Buzz bought the body from Diablo Speed Shop in Walnut Creek, California, and it is believed to be the first fiberglass T Bucket ever made. Known as the Glass Image, the build was completed in 1960, making it the worlds first known Fiberglass T-bucket hot rod.
In 1964 a picture of the Glass Image was used to promote Fiberglass "T" Roadster Bodies manufactured and sold trough a company called Roadster Engineering. Scan courtesy of T Bucket Plans.

Fiberglass Bodied Cars

Ed Roth's Outlaw
Buzz Pitzen's 1923 Ford Fiberglass Bodied Model T Roadster - The Glass Image
Kenneth Kamp's Otter

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