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Arthur's Comet as it appeared when it was featured in Motor Trend November 1953.
This photo of Arthur's Packard appeared in Special Interest Autos, Jan-Feb 1974. Photo courtesy of Special Interest Autos.

1941 Packard 6 restyled by Spohn Coachworks for lieutenant Arthur Cooper.[1] Known as the Cooper Comet, It took seven months for Spohn to finish Arthur's Packard. The car featured a sliding safety-glass roof over the front compartment. The rest of the roof was removable; it was attached by 6 bolts. In front the car featured a grill-bumper combination made of aluminum. Ordinary headlights were sunk into the fenders, giving the car a distinctive look. Foglights were integrated into the bumper-bombs. As with many other Spohn creations, the rear fenders received a treatment similar to the 1951 GM LeSabre Concept Car with its fins, taillights and chromed trim. Once the bodywork was done the car was painted light grey.[2]

The seats inside Cooper's car formed a bed. A central pedestal held a five-band short-wave set and an icebox. Rear fender vents functioned as the rear window defroster.[2] Arthur's Comet was featured in Motor Trend November 1953. In 1974 an image from the same photo session was published in Special Interest Autos, Jan-Feb 1974. According to that story, total build cost was $7000.[1]

Magazine Features

Motor Trend November 1953
Special Interest Autos, Jan-Feb 1974


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