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An early construction photo of Bert's Ford. Originally, Bert wanted to build a chopped four door. Photo courtesy of Bert Gustavsson.
A construction photo showing the car after bert had welded shut the rear doors, and extended the front doors. Photo courtesy of Bert Gustavsson.
Bert's Ford as it appeared after it had received blue scallops. Photo courtesy of Bert Gustavsson.
Tobbe with Bert's old Ford at the 2017 Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza. Photo by Sondre Kvipt - Kustomrama.
Tobbe entering the 2018 Coupe Devils Rod & Kustom Bonanza with the Ford. Photo by Sondre Kvipt - Kustomrama.

1957 Ford 300 sedan owned and restyled by Bert Gustavsson of Bullaren, Sweden. Bert bought an old rusted four door that had been in Sweden since the 1950s. Originally, Bert wanted to build a chopped four door, but after he had chopped the top he decided to weld shut the rear doors and complete it as a two-door. Most of the chrome was shaved away, before Bert extended the quarter panels. The build was ready for the road in 1984. In 1985 it was completed with a white and blue scallop paint job.

The car was sold to a member of Bålsta Car Club. He restyled the front and back of the car before the body was channeled over the frame to get it lower.[1]

Sold to Norway

In June of 2017 the car was sold to Tobbe Husin of Blaker, Norway.

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