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Engine parts ready to be dipped in StripAll
After 24 hours in the bath all traces of rust, paint, lacquer and carbon is gone
This dashboard had been sitting outside since 1970. After 8 hours in StripAll all paint and rust were removed

StripAll is a powder cleaning product that removes rust, paint, lacquer, carbon deposits and fat in one easy treatment.

Chemical Composition

StripAll is composed of alkalis and complexing agents in an exactly balanced ratio.


For rust and lacquer / paint removal on steel and metal components. Cleaning of components for jobs like motor overhauls. Especially effective on stubborn carbon deposits.


StripAll must only be used in a bath. Use a bath of standard steel or stainless steel. Plastic and fibreglass bath materials may also be used. We particularly recommend that baths, pipe sockets, dry battery cylinders etc, are of the same materials, so that galvanic charges do not occur.

Make a mixture of 1 kg StripAll to 5 – 6 parts water. Add powder in small doses while stirring. Mind that the powder does not settle to the bottom of the mixture. StripAll is composed of many different chemicals, and to guarantee the best results we recommend that you mix the entire contents all at once. When the powder is mixed with water it becomes warm, and the mixture is ready to use. If the solution is to be supplemented with extra solution, this must be mixed before being poured into the solution. For optimal effect, the bath should be warmed to 60 - 65 degrees and have a lid to prevent evaporation.

The parts to be cleaned should be placed in the bath; normal lacquer, surface rust, etc disappear overnight, while deep-seated rust and many layers of paint can take longer to be removed. If the bath is not heated the treatment time will be extended. Paint and rust will be separated from the metal / steel during the treatment, and be removed afterwards by rinsing with warm water. For motor and machine overhauls, light deposits will dissolve immediately, while thick deposits will often need overnight treatment for removal. StripAll contains sodium hydroxide and is corrosive on light metals such as Aluminium and Magnesium.


The solution is extremely corrosive to skin. When using / applying, always use safety glasses, a face guard and rubber gloves with long sleeves. Have running water nearby so that sprays on bare skin can be washed off immediately. StripAll must be stored out of reach of children and pets.


If the mixture has not been used, it can be disposed off in wastewater / drains, provided it is diluted with a further 20 parts water minimum. A bath that has been used for cleaning parts must be considered before disposal, depending on what the solution has been used for (rust, paint, lacquer, oil etc.) and possibly treated as toxic waste.

Where to buy it

StripAll is currently only sold and distributed in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

StripAll searches for reseller in the USA, and all countries in EU except Sweden and Denmark. If you are interested, contact us at



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