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This is a list of files where the most recent version of the file is a duplicate of the most recent version of some other file. Only local files are considered.

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  1. Tn 1200 Pete-RearengineTownsend.jpg has 3 duplicates.
  2. Chet-herbert-1932-ford-lonnie-gaskin-profile.jpg has 2 duplicates.
  3. Don-hentzell-1927-ford.jpg has 2 duplicates.
  4. Sam-barris-1955-Chevrolet.jpg has 2 duplicates.
  5. Buicker1.jpg has 2 duplicates.
  6. Kasper-kaarboe-1949-ford.jpg has a duplicate.
  7. Kasper-kaarboe-1949-ford-pandoras-box-16.jpg has a duplicate.
  8. Mick-tully-1954-chevrolet-golden-galleon10.jpg has a duplicate.
  9. Bill-passavanti-1949-chevrolet-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  10. Jimmy-Summers-1940-mercury.jpg has a duplicate.
  11. Joe-Urrita's-1941-Ford.jpg has a duplicate.
  12. Blue-danube.jpg has a duplicate.
  13. W-frantz-custom-special.jpg has a duplicate.
  14. American-auto-show-2009-2.jpg has a duplicate.
  15. Dan-Wittenberg.jpg has a duplicate.
  16. Sven-sandberg-1932-ford-glowing-coupe-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  17. Tommy-johns-1932-ford-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  18. Gunnar Johansson-Nash 1933-2.jpg has a duplicate.
  19. Chuck-dewitt's-1950-ford.jpg has a duplicate.
  20. Kasper-kaarboe-1949-ford-2.jpg has a duplicate.
  21. Example.jpg has a duplicate.
  22. Raymond-andregg-1927-ford-roadster-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  23. Blue-prints-thorbjorn.jpg has a duplicate.
  24. Carl-morton-1939-mercury3.jpg has a duplicate.
  25. Gunnar Johansson-Nash 1933-3.jpg has a duplicate.
  26. George-hill-willie-davis-city-of-burbank-bob-estes-special-streamliner-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  27. Kasper-kaarboe-1949-ford-pandoras-box-6.jpg has a duplicate.
  28. Ed-ingall-1931-ford-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  29. Post-special-streamliner-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  30. 1941fordjesselopez.jpg has a duplicate.
  31. Jack-nethercutt-52-oldsmobile7.jpg has a duplicate.
  32. 24t.jpg has a duplicate.
  33. Alvin-serpa-1946-ford.jpg has a duplicate.
  34. 20200606 143223.jpg has a duplicate.
  35. Kasper-kaarboe-1949-ford-pandoras-box-14.jpg has a duplicate.
  36. Atomic-punks.jpg has a duplicate.
  37. Bill-kenz-streamliner-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  38. 03 3 juni Bennets roadster 3.JPG has a duplicate.
  39. Chris-casny-1931-ford-21.jpg has a duplicate.
  40. Jim-conley-1949-plymouth-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  41. Mary-jane-edwardson-1930-ford-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  42. Don-Hurley-1951-Oldsmobile-the-Copper-Cart-4.jpg has a duplicate.
  43. Everett-israelson-1933-ford-profile.jpg has a duplicate.
  44. Don-Hurley-1951-Oldsmobile-the-Copper-Cart-2.jpg has a duplicate.
  45. Kasper-kaarboe-1949-ford-pandoras-box-7.jpg has a duplicate.
  46. Rodnewscreators.jpg has a duplicate.
  47. Schiefer-automotive-bean-bandits3.jpg has a duplicate.
  48. Kasper-kaarboe-1949-ford-pandoras-box-15.jpg has a duplicate.
  49. Paul-schiefer-1927-ford6.jpg has a duplicate.
  50. Kasper-kaarboe-1949-ford-3.jpg has a duplicate.

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