Ralph W. Angel's 1950 Chevrolet

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Ralph's Chevrolet as it looked when it was featured in Cars March 1953.
Ralph's car as it looked when it was featured in Motor Trend May 1954
Ralph's Chevy as it sat when it was featured in Popular Mechanics September 1955

1950 Chevrolet restyled by Spohn Coachworks for Major Ralph W. Angel, U.S. Air Force jet pilot. Ralph bought a secondhand Chevrolet two-door sedan while he was stationed in Germany that he took to Spohn Coachworks for a radical restyling. Ralph sketched up his idea of a dream car. As so many othe Spohn creations, the rear end is heavily inspired by the 1951 GM LeSabre. The front end styling on the other hand, is very similar to the 1953 Lincoln X-100 concept car.[1]

The chassis and engine were stock Chevrolet, but the body was completely custom made.[1] Ralph's Chevrolet was fit with a removable padded top. The custom made leather interior featured a Spohn trademark in the form of a radio built-in to the armrest dividing the front seat.[2] The engine was hopped up by installing dual carburetors and a split exhaust manifold that led to twin exhaust pipes. The transformation took 6 weeks, and it costed $4,500 USD to restyle.[1] Ralph brought the car with him back to the United States, but decided to sell it to a Phoenix, Arizona used car dealer due to all the attention his car attracted.[1]

Magazine Features

Cars March 1953
Motor Trend May 1954
Popular Mechanichs September 1955


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