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Milt Goodman's 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. Milt was a member of the British Columbia Custom Car Association. He bought the car new in 1955, and spent the next three years restyling it. The build was completed in 1958.

Milt Goodman (January 1, 1935 - February 19, 2008) of Vancouver, Canada. Milt was a Vancouver motorsport pioneer, and he was involved with custom cars, drag racing, go-karts, and sports car racing, amomgst other things.[1]

Ford Anglia

In 1954 Milt had an English 1949 Ford Anglia with an American Ford V8 60 engine. He displayed the car at shows and drag raced it at Abbotsford Airport in 1955.[2]

The British Columbia Custom Car Association

In 1954 Milt joined the British Columbia Custom Car Association, and he served as the club photographer for many years. He served on the exexcute comitee during the late 1950s.[2]

Milt Goodman's 1955 Chevrolet

In late 1955, Milt bought a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. He raced the car to several stock class wins at Abbotsford Airport. He also made many modifications to the car over the next three years and displayed it at the Motorama shows.[2]

The Big Three

Milt teamed up with his good friends Denny Clarke and John Ashton in 1957 to assemble a Chevrolet V8 powered dragster named "The Big Three." They raced the dragster to many wins at Abbotsford Airport, and displayed it at the motor shows.[2]


In the 1960s Milt started racing go-karts. In 1963 he won the championship at the Westwood go kart circuit. Milt decided to go full-size at Westwood, and he acquired a sponsorship from Zephyr Mercury to race a Mercury Come Caliente in sedan races at the sports car circuit. Milt raced the car with some success in 1964-1965.[2]


Boats became Milt's interest in the 1970s.[2]

Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneer

Milt was made a Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneer in 2002.[1]

Milt Goodman's Cars

Milt Goodman's 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air


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