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Mad Fabricators Society is a traditional rod and custom DVD magazine brought to this world and produced by Piero De Luca. It was a sensation when it was first launched as people hadn't seen anything like it before, and it didn't last long before the market was filled with other DVD-magazines trying to achieve the same thing as the Mad Fabricators Society. Mad Fabricators is a honest tribute to the hard working, everyday “Joes” that get in the garage and bleed for their machine. Each mfs dvd offers a multi-dimensional, explosive way to capture the daring, bare concepts of hot rodders, something that will leap “off the page” — images that will talk to you and show you something new each time you watch it.[1]

Each issue offers history, raucous music, beauty, artists and craftsmen, and of course some of the greatest Hot Rods and Customs ever built!!..these are all intrinsic parts of hot rodding and Mad Fabricators Society explore these concepts and artistic expressions in each piece found. And of course the people: larger than life personalities and original thinkers that were and are way ahead of their time, like George Barris, Von Franco, Ed Roth, The Alexander Brothers, Larry Watson and everyday fabricators who have taken a remarkable piece of history and molded it to their own personal vision, a stream-lined, speeding calling card that expresses themselves far better than any word.[1]

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Mad Fabricators Society Volume 6

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