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Kevin's Sport Custom as it sat in April of 2017. Photo courtesy of Kevin Hertfelder.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Hertfelder.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Hertfelder.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Hertfelder.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Hertfelder.

The "Kevin Hertfelder Sport Custom," is a Sport Custom owned by Kevin Hertfelder of Orange County, California. It was Kevin's brother, Victor, that originally bought the old custom around 2005. Victor, who runs Hertfelder Motorsports, acquired it from a client who said he got it in the Mid-West. In 2010 Kevin bought the car from his brother. Kevin is not sure what it started out as, but the best he can tell from the body and the steering wheel is that it started out as 1940 Nash, which was built into a two-seater. Chances are, that Kevin's custom is one of many builds inspired by Charles Martz' 1940 Hudson, the car credited for starting the Sport Custom movement in the 1950s. Charles built a Sport Custom that was featured on the cover of Motor Trend January 1952. Martz created the car combining a 1940 Hudson sedan and an ambulance with $700 and seven months of labor. Martz published the result in a book titled Build Your Own Custom Sports Car.

Straight 8

Kevin's car came without an engine or transmission, but it looks like it was once powered by a straight eight.[1]

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Kevin is currently researching the history of his Sport Custom. He believes it has been around Southern California for a good portion of its life. If you recognize the car, or have any information to share, please get in touch with Kustomrama at


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