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A photo from Gjersjøløpet 1932. Car number 5 in the photo is Jac. Hansen's Chrysler, while car number 6 is Eugen Bjørnstad's Fiat. Photo courtesy of Med Motorsport i Blodet - En Fartsfyllt Historiebok.
An ad for the first ice race at Gjersjøen, held February 19, 1922. Photo courtesy of Yesterday's Motorsport Heroes.

Gjersjøløpet 1931

K.N.A.'s Gjersjøløp of 1931 was held February 15 at Gjersjøen in Oppegård municipality outside of Oslo. The race started at 1 o' clock and it consisted of 7 heats all together. 3 heats with cars and 4 heats with motorcycles. The track was 3.2 km long, and the cars ran 5 laps, while the motorcycles only ran 3.

First Heat
First heat featured "Sports & turistvogner", containing 5 cars: Eugen Bjørnstad racing his Fiat, Per Holm racing a REO, Gade Sørensen racing a Ford, Albert Hovde racing a Marmon, and Birger Valbø racing a Ford. Leif Mathisen planned to race in this heat as well, but had to pass as he ran spike-front tires on his car, and didn't manage to change them fast enough when it was decided that entrants couldn't race with spike-tires up front.

Albert Hovde got the best start in his Marmon, and lead the race through the first turn. Eugen Bjørnstad passed Albert on the second long side, and ended up as winner of the heat.

Fifth Heat
After some motorcycle-heats, car were competing in the fifth heat again. In this heat Ole Finstad ran his fenderless 1928 Ford Model A Roadster amongst Arvid Johansein's fully fendered 1930 Ford Model A Roadster and five other cars.


Klasse 1. (Below 1100 ccm):
1. Carl Fredrik Lühr's Sencehal

Klasse 2. (1100 - 1500 ccm):
1. Eugen Bjørnstad's Fiat 525 S
2. Arvid Johansen's 1930 Ford Model A Roadster
3. Bjarne Aarsten's Hudson
4. Ole Finstad's 1928 Ford Model A Roadster
5. Finn Hansen's Chrysler
6. Aage G. Sørensen's Ford Model A

Cars Attending:
Ole Finstad's 1928 Ford Model A Roadster
Cederwall Larsen's Triumph
Arvid Johansen's 1930 Ford Model A Roadster
Eugen Bjørnstad's Bugatti

Gjersjøløpet 1932

K.N.A.'s Gjersjøløp of 1932 was moved to Mjøsa by Lillehammer due to unstable ice in the Oslo area. It was held March 6, and on short notice the sports committee was able to create a 10 km long track. 10 laps were raced around the track. Extra trains were set up by NSB to bring visitors from Oslo to Lillehammer for the race. The disappointment was big when only about 100 met up at the train station in Oslo. About 3000 visitors came to the race in total. Right before the race started, the press stand collapsed.


1. Jac. Hansen's Chrysler
2. Eugen Bjørnstad's Fiat

1. Cai jensen's Bugatti
2. Arvid Johansen's Ford

Cars Attending:
Jac. Hansen's Chrysler
Eugen Bjørnstad's Fiat
Cai jensen's Bugatti
Arvid Johansen's Ford

K. N. A.'s Kapløp Paa Gjersjøen 1922

K.N.A.'s first kapløp at Gjersjøen was held February 19, 1922 in Oppegård municipality outside of Oslo.

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