Jack Walker's 1952 Buick

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Jack's clone at the 2003 Sled Scene East in Gettysburg. Photo by The Huff Report[1]
Photo by The Huff Report[1]
Photo by The Huff Report[1]
Jack's Blue Danube Clone as it sat in January 2011.

1952 Buick originally owned by custom car collector Jack Walker of Belton, Missouri. Jack's Buick is a recreation of Lyle Lake's 1952 Buick well known custom car known as the Blue Danube. Unable to find the original Blue Danube, Jack contacted Lyle Lake, who could tell him that the original car had been crushed. Jack stopped searching for the old Barris Kustoms creation, and set out trying to locate a nice stocker he could build a recreation on instead. A nice car was located, and Jack commissioned Kenny Baker and Dick Huckins to build him a clone in 1998.[2]

In 2010 Jack's recreation was invited to attend the Customs Then & Now gathering at the 2011 Grand National Roadster Show. January 2011, a couple of weeks before the show, Jack put the car up for sale, the asking price was $80,000.00.[3]


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