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A Layman family photo from 1945. The family is proudly posing next to Frank's supercharged 1937 Cord sedan. Photo courtesy of Bill Layman.
Frank Layman's 1941 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Restyled by Frank, the build was started in the late 1940s, and completed around 1950 - 1951.
Frank operated a body shop named Frank’s Garage in Pittsburgh. He was well known to the local car guys, and he did quite a few customs in the 1950s. Later in life Frank's passion for cars included sports cars such as MG’s and Jaguars. Photo courtesy of Bill Layman.
Frank Layman's 1948 Packard Convertible. No photos of the car is known to exist, so this is a digital restyled photo of the car.

Frank Layman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Franks was into special automobiles, and in the late 1940s he customized a 1941 Lincoln Zephyr convertible. Before the Lincoln, Frank owned a 1937 Cord Phaeton, a 1937 Cord Beverly Sedan, and a 1937 Auburn Boattail Speedster.[1]

Frank was well known to the local car guys, and in the early 1950s he ran a body shop named Frank's Garage that specialized in custom car building. In 1953, after restyling a 1948 Packard convertible, Frank formed a car club called The Novice. The meetings were held monthly at his shop. Frank's son Bill can vividly remember seeing the club banner that he displayed in the shop which rear "The Home of The Novice. Pittsburgh, PA".[1]

Several years later he accepted a mechanic's position in the US Navy, and he was relocated to the Antarctic. Later in life Frank's passion for cars included various early Jaguars and MG's.[1]

Frank Layman's Cars

Frank Layman's 1937 Auburn Boattail Speedster
Frank Layman's 1937 Cord Phaeton
Frank Layman's 1937 Beverly Sedan
Frank Layman's 1941 Lincoln Zephyr Convertible
Frank Layman's 1948 Packard Convertible


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