Bob Caldwell's 1957 Chevrolet

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Bob with the Corvette in 1959. Photo by Bud Lang
Photo by Bud Lang.
Photo by Bud Lang.
Photo by Bud Lang
Photo by Bud Lang
Photo by Bud Lang.
Photo by Bud Lang.

1957 Chevrolet Corvette restyled by Hoeck Chevrolet Company for Bob Caldwell of Lebanon, Oregon. The front on Bob's Corvette was restyled by hooding and frenching the headlights. The fenders were extended 6 inches in the process. The grille shell was molded to the body, and an 4 inch extension lip was added to the grille shell. The lip was slanted forward and downward. The grille bar was remained stock. Fins were shaped and installed on the rear fenders. The car was updated to 58 specs by adding functional air scoops in the doors. Two Buick portholes were mounted on each side in a staggered position. The Corvette was lowered by using lowering blocks in the rear and spindles upfront. Moon hubcaps on wide whites wrapped up the style.[1] Finish on the car when it was featured in Car Craft January 1959 and Trend Book 189 Custom Cars 1960 Annual was black and gold lacquer.[2]

Magazine Features

Car Craft January 1959
Trend Book 189 Custom Cars 1960 Annual


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