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Norm's convertible sedan photographed outside the Milne's Richfield station at 25th and Broadway in 1949. After the war, the center of rodding activity in Sacramento was at the Milne's Richfield station. Gene Garret's 1940 Ford can be spotted behind Norm's Ford. Photo by Norm Milne.
Norm's convertible sedan and Gene Garret's 1940 Ford outside the Milne's Richfield station. Both cars featured chopped Carson Tops. Photo by Norm Milne.
A photo of the Ford with corrections by Norm. Photo courtesy of Jeff Faeber.

1938 Ford Convertible Sedan restyled by Harry Westergard for fellow Thunderbolts member Norm Milne of Sacramento, California. Norm's Ford was actually one of the few Westergard cars that featured a LaSalle grille.[1] Norm drove the Ford to Los Angeles about 1940 to have Carson Top Shop make him a padded top. Norm said that Carson Top Shop also cut the windshield, or had someone there do it. The rest of the bodywork, including the LaSalle grille, recessed rear license plate, solid hood sides, and dechroming was done by Westergard. Like most of the Sacramento kustoms, Norm's Ford had a hot flathead and a Columbia 2-speed, and it saw plenty of racing action.[2]

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