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David Rolin's 1957 Ford of Sacramento, California. Dave's Ford was restyled by Dick Bertolucci of Bertolucci Body & Fender Shop and Harris' Body Shop between 1956 and 1958. Later on the same year, the car, named "Tormentor" received a paint job, pinstriping and eventually a scallop paint job by Dick Katayanagi of Katayanagi Custom Paint.
Jim and George Bernardo's 1948 GMC Pickup of Milford, Connecticut. Jim and George ran Bernardo Auto Body in Milford, and the truck acted as rolling advertisement and parts hauler for the shop. The build was completed around 1958 - 1959.
George Mizzi Jr.'s 1950 Mercury Convertible of Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Mizzi was a member of the Driving Deuces car club, and his Mercury was restyled at Monego's Body Shop. Named the "Purple Bug," the build was completed circa 1958 - 1959, featuring quad headlights.
Don Ellis' 1955 Ford Thunderbird of Portland, Oregon. Ellis was a member of the Ramblers of Portland car club, and the Thunderbird was restyled by several of the guys in the club. The build was started in 1958 and completed in 1959, featuring dual 1958 Chevrolet headlights.
Doug Osterman's 1957 DeSoto of San Jose, California. Doug's Desoto was first restyled by Flyer Tabata at Flyers Body Shop in 1959. This version was fit with quad headlights.
Jerry DeVito's 1957 Ford Fairlane of San Jose, California. The third version of Jerry's Ford, was completed in 1959, featuring quad headlights. Jerry was a member of the San Jose Rod and Wheelers car club.
Dan Hiramoto's 1941 Buick Century convertible of Cleveland, Ohio. Built by Dan and his brother Ken, the car went trough several iterations between 1951 and 1962. This photo shows the car as it appeared in 1961, after Dan had fit it with quad headlights.
Ron Volpe's 1957 Ford Convertible of La Salle, Illinois. Ron was a member of the Illinois Valley Mis-Fires. Between the years 1960 and 1963, he took the car through five different stages. This photo shows a mild iteration of the car as it appeared circa 1961. By then, the car had received quad headlights.
The matching front and rear grille openings were the most striking features of The Adonis. The front end featured quad headlights that Mike and Larry mounted in a canted manner. Tubular chromed grille bars were then made and fitted with plastic tubes at each end that extended over the headlights. Photo courtesy of Alex Walordy.

Custom Cars Featuring Quad Headlights

Dan Hiramoto's 1941 Buick Century Convertible - Raven
Jim and George Bernardo's 1948 GMC Pickup
George Mizzi Jr.'s 1950 Mercury Convertible - The Purple Bug
Don Ellis' 1955 Ford Thunderbird
Doug Osterman's 1957 DeSoto
David Rolin's 1957 Ford - The Tormentor
Jerry DeVito's 1957 Ford Fairlane - The Maze
Ron Volpe's 1957 Ford Convertible - Red Robin II


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