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The 8th annual Portland Roadster Show was held March 5-8, 1964 at the Memorial Colosseum Portland, Oregon.

Cars Attending

The Pacifia
The Alexa

Series 100 Full Custom Coupe, Sedan
John Rudisill's 1957 Ford
Dave Pugsley's 1953 Studebaker

Series 150 Semi-Custom Coupe & Sedan
Twig Quigley's 1950 Ford
Robert Hebron's 1952 Ford
Earl Clausen's 1950 Ford

Series 200 Semi-Custom Hardtop
Ron Johnston's 1953 Chevrolet
Donald Honstein's 1955 Oldsmobile
Bob Nakoff's 1956 Ford
David Gardner's 1958 Chevrolet

Series 250 Semi-Custom Convertible
Ron Hing's 1956 Chevrolet
Terry Both's 1955 Chevrolet
Norm Porter's 1950 Meteor

Series 300 Mild Custom
Michael Lynch's 1955 Chevrolet
Chuck Jeaudoin's 1963 Chevrolet
William Paul Parker's 1958 Chevrolet
Wayne Miller 1947 Mercury
Curt Van Blokland's 1958 Chevrolet
John V. Corno's 1963 Pontiac
Bill Johnson's 1963 Chevrolet Corvair
Jim Pinker's 1955 Chevrolet
John Winters' 1950 Cadillac
Bouthillier Motors' 1963 Pontiac

Serier 350 Custom Sports Car
Ruben Parsigian's 1957 Chevrolet Corvette
Russ Graham's Special
Jerry Keller's 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

Series 400 Custom Pickup
Warren Matt's 1954 Ford
Ellis Blomgren's 1956 Ford
Gary Tucker's 1955 Chevrolet
Joe Batti's 1955 Ford

Series 450 Street Rod Coupe
Richard Schurman's 1926 Ford
Jim Leslie's 1935 Ford
Richard Schuh's 1940 Mercury
John Scott's 1933 Ford
Mark Jacobsen's 1937 Ford
Art Fiala's 1927 Ford
Don Shaw's 1939 Ford
Dick Page's 1932 Ford
Richard A. Sause's 1932 Ford

Series 500 Street Rod Sedan
Bruce Williamson's 1932 Ford
Tom Stockdale's 1940 Ford
John McClaude's 1934 Ford
Dell, Nita & Cathie Wagner's 1931 Ford
Craig Brustad's 1941 Ford
Bouthillier Motors' 1929 Ford - Lil Confusion
Steve Lund's 1939 Ford

Series 550 Street Rod Roadster
Al Rogers' 1929 Ford
Denny Haughey's 1929 Ford
Harry Langdon's 1926 Ford

Series 600 Street Rod Roadster Pickup
Al Lindstrom's 1929 Ford
Don Young's 1917 Ford
Ron Farmer's 1930 Ford
Randalls Johnson's 1927 Ford
Frank Veness' 1927 Ford
Len Mac Kay's 1929 Ford
Toppers Club's 1927 Ford
Steve West's 1927 Ford

Series 650 Street Rod Pickup
Kenneth Yates' 1932 Ford
Doug Doyle's 1936 Ford

Series 700 Comp. Sports Car
Don Duncan & Don Bolenof's Custom Sports Car
Nick Wehling & Terry Simonson's 1957 Chevrolet Corvette
Kit James' 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

Series 750 Comp. Custom Coupe & Sedan
Bob Tindle's Plymouth
Tom Griffiths' 1963 Chevrolet
Bob Jasper's 1949 Oldsmobile
Clem Knudson's 1962 Plymouth

Series 800 Comp. Rod Coupe
Steve McGee's 1940 Ford
Ron Hoefer's 1937 Ford
James E. Longozo's 1952 Crosley
Ron Stewens' Bantam
Demonos' 1932 Ford
Slo-Poks' 1936 Willys

Series 850 Comp. Rod Sedan
Darrel W. Bain's 1932 Ford
Bob Tindle's 1932 Ford - The Orange Crate
Wayne Caudill's 1937 Austin

Series 900 Comp. Rod Roadster
Louie Matioda's Roadster
Dean Rowley's 1923 Ford
Steele & Hickman's 1915 Ford
Dennis Schelske's 1929 Ford
Lyle Canham's 1928 Ford
Clarence Everett's 1932 Bantam

Series 950 Dragster
Mike Foss' Dragster
Jim Green's Dragster
Speed Merchant's Dragster
Quarter Milers' Dragster
Slo-Poks' Dragster
Clifford Svela's Dragster
Ramblers' Dragster
Fisher Brothers Dragster
Hall & Thompson's Dragster


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