Best Hot Rod and Custom Car Gift Ideas 2021 - Great Christmas and Birthday Gifts

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1. Stickers - That little extra. Add a couple of stickers to your gift and you're good to go. Buy a couple to give away, and a couple for your car and toolbox. Price: $2.99 - Check price and availability in the Kustomrama Online Store.
2. CD: Hot Rod City - Crawl out in the mancave with a glass of cheerful refreshments and enjoy this amazing album. Shift those gears and dream away. Price: $12.98 - Check availability on
3. DVD: Ford V Ferrari - What a movie! This is a gift he can watch over and over again, like a little kid. Price: $14.92 - Check availability on
4. Kustomrama Trucker Cap - Help us keep history alive while you help your family and friends staying cool. A win win. Price: 17.49 - Check price and availability on the Kustomrama Online Store.
5. CD: The Cramps' Crazy Collection - 61 classics. Let daddy rock’n’roll with a fine buffet of killer diller rock’n’roll tunes compiled by one of the best bands to have walked this earth. Price: 17.92 Check price and availability on
6. Custom by Paint - Made in Bellflower - A tribute to traditional custom cars of the 1950s. Bodywork by Barris. Paint by Larry Watson. Lifts by Bill Hines. Long live Kustomland! Price: $19.99 - Check availability on
7. Stromberg 97 Carburetor Coffee Mug - The morning coffee will taste even better with this. Price: $19.95 - Check availability on
8. Book: Smuggler's Cove: Exotic Cocktails, Rum, and the Cult of Tiki - It’s big daddy time, way deep in the man cave. In a mysterious landscape filled with exotic music, behavior, and drinks. It’s time the big man talks the talk. Price: $20.91 - Check availability on
9. Book: Pro Pinstripe Techniques - A poet and didn’t know it? An artist but had no clue? Everything from Christmas ornaments, to the hallway mirror and the neighbor's cocker spaniel can be dressed up with pinstriping. Price: $21.97 - Check availability in
10. Kustomrama Custom Made Your Division T-Shirt - California, Japan, Stockton, Oslo, or Australia. Surprise the one you love with a custom made Kustomrama Division shirt from their hometown. Price: $23.49 - Click here to check available divisions - or get in touch with us at if you want us to make you a custom division shirt.
11. Battery Tender Junior Battery Charger and Maintainer - This one will boost their batteries. Super smart battery chargers. Available in 6 and 12 volt. A bestseller on Amazon. Price: $24.95 - $49.87 - Check price and availability on
12. 3-Pc Soldering Paddles - No more bondo. Go back to the roots and practice old bodywork skills. Price: $25.00 - Check price and availability on
13. Book: Lowrider Space: Aesthetics and Politics of Mexican American Custom Cars - You’ve seen them everywhere. The lowriders. But, what is really the deal with these jumping, scraping colorful cars? Knowledge is crucial. Price: $25.00 Check availability on
14. Skull Shaped Bluetooth Speaker - Chargable Bluetooth speaker. 8 Watts. A sceary friend to bring along on your cruises. Price: $25.95 - Check availability on
15. Book: A Century of Automotive Style: 100 Years of American Car Design - There’s gonna be lazy days around x-mas after all that food. Chilling in front of the fireplace is a good opportunity to dwell in this amazing book. Price: $26.66 - Check availability on
16. Book: Ford Model T Coast to Coast: A Slow Drive across a Fast Country - A good book is never wrong. Ford Model-T Coast-to-Coast, documents the cross-country adventure of two brave drivers as they pilot a century-old Model-T on a 3,000-mile journey from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Coast. Price: $28.99 - Check availability on
17. Book: Reflections in a Spinner Hubcap: Authentic Tales of Hot Rods, Custom Cars & Nostalgia - The latest book from Albert Drake. This selection of essays celebrates the people who made hot rodding an American culture. Rediscover the fun of racing, hanging out, flirting, and driving from the voice of someone who experienced the 1950s and has a passion for telling the story of old metal. His stories are authentic. Price: $29.00 - Check availability on
18. Energizer Jumper Cables - Now, where did I put those jumper cables again? It has been proven that you can't have too many jumper cables when you're into old cars. Available in 16 to 25 feet. A 2 gauge and 800A heavy-duty booster jump start cable with carrying bag. Bestseller on Price: $29.99 - $ 54.96 - Check price and availability on
19. Digital Multimeter - Burning the bacon is one thing, but frying the cars wiring harness a complete different one. Don’t let your family or friends car turn their cars to ash, get them this instead. Price: $29.99 - Check availability on
20. Signed Billy F. Gibbons The Big Bad Blues LP - ZZ Top legend and hot rod and custom car enthusiast Billy Gibbons' second solo album. Order this directly from Billy's shop, and you will get it signed. How cool ain't that? Price: $37.00 - Check availability on
21. Custom Shop Metal Flake Kit - You simply can't go wrong with a six-pack of Metalflake. Every hot rodder in America have Metalflake dreams. This kit from Custom Shop contains their six most popular colors in six 1 ounce bottles. Price: $39.96 - Check price and availability on
22. Detail King Tire White Wall Cleaning & Dressing Car Care Value Kit - Give the whitest whitewalls in town as a gift. Who knows what will come out of that... Price: $44.45 - Check price and availability on
23. Book: Gene Winfield's Racing Days Scrapbook - You’d be a fool if you didn’t read up on the king of cool. The master customizer himself. Get inspired and get it going. The book is fairly new, and it was released in January of 2021 Price: $45.00 - Check availability on
24. 1-Shot Pinstriping Kit - This can be a ticket into a new career as a pinstriper. A professional kit containing the three colors and the two brushes he needs to get started. Price: $49.96 - Check price and availability on
25. The Rodder's Journal Gift Subscription - Is your dad spending too much time on Facebook? Give him a one-year subscription to The Rodder's Journal magazine. The best hot rod and custom magazine available, and the perfect gift to a dad that has everything. Price: $59.95 - Check price and availability on The Rodder's Journal.
26. 43-Piece Harmonic Balancer Puller Set - Let yer brother show off his strength and get that savage look on his face. There ain’t a pulley in the neighborhood safe after he opens up this fully loaded box of fantastic helpfulness. Price: $64.42 - Check availability on
27. T.U.K. Leopard Creepers - Every cat’s got to prowl. Maybe just to take the trash out, but hey...your grandpa will be the sharpest cat in town with these. Price: $69.95 - Check availability on
28. Speedway Motors Car Show Essentials Detailing Kit - Show and shine. This detailing kit is a bestseller from Speedway Motors. Boring to buy. Great to get for Christmas. Price: $84.99 - Check price and availability on
29. Tres Noir Waycooler Wayfarer Sunglasses - After rain comes sunshine, and after snow it’s show..time. Your boyfriend probably already feel like a million bucks, well now he can look the part too. Price: $89.99 - Check availability on
30. 170 Piece General Purpose Tool Set - With this massive tool kit, there’s no way your dad will ever let your car fall in disrepair. Not bad having your own house mechanic after all - and you’ll avoid expensive shop bills...Price: $142.51 - Check availability on
31. Marshall Kilburn II Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Silence is golden they say, but on the other hand…Blasting some real rockin music after all that new hip hop on the radio will be a pure relief. Price: $229.34 - Check availability on
32. Eastwood Deluxe Durable Lead Free Body Solder Kit - The three paddles you gave your dad last year was a huge success, so it's time for him to advance. Has he been a good boy this year? If you ask nicely, he might let you use it as well. Price: $952.27 - Check availability on

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